Durban Orders

The month of Ramadan a time for self-reflection, prayer, to give more to the community, and of course a time to eat Scrumptious and yummy foods.

Amal Foods have partnered with Fatimas Favourite Foods and we have prepared a very special list of delights for this time of the year for you and your family to enjoy during this time of the year but its is not limited to just the fasting people, anyone and everyone can enjoy these special treats available for a limited time period.

Order need to be placed no later than the 15th February 2021.

Our Special Products

Plain Paratha (Pack Of 5) R25.00
Onion Paratha (Pack Of 5) R25.00
Patha Roll R20.00
Pita Bread (Pack Of 5) R30.00
Regular Mince Samoosa (100’s) R260.00
Regular Chicken Samoosa (100’s) R240.00
Regular Cheese & Corn Samoosa (100’s) R230.00
Regular Potato Samoosa (100’s) R190.00
Cocktail Mince Samoosa (100’s) R160.00
Cocktail Chicken Samoosa (100’s) R150.00
Cocktail Cheese & Corn Samoosa (100’s) R140.00
Cocktail Chicken Springrolls (100’s) R190.00
Crumbed Cocktail Chicken Springrolls (100’s) R240.00
Mince Samoosa R35.00
Chicken Samoosa R35.00
Cheese & Corn Samoosa R30.00
Potato Samoosa R25.00
Patha Samoosa R35.00
H-Tech Chicken Samoosa (Chicken & Corn) R35.00
Crumbed Aloo Steak Samoosa R50.00
Crumbed Chicken Jalapeno Samoosa R50.00
Chicken Springroll R40.00
Crumbed Chicken Springroll R50.00
Patha Springroll R25.00
Creamy Butter Chicken Cup Pies R75.00
Creamy White Sauce Chicken Cup Pies R75.00
CReamy Pepper Steak Cup Pies R80.00
Chicken Pies – Red Sauce R70.00
Chicken Pies – White Sauce R70.00
Steak Pies – Red Sauce R75.00
Mince Pies R75.00
Kebaabish (Long Kebaabs Wrapped in Pastry) R75.00
Chicken, Spinach and Feta Pies R75.00
Patha Pies – Butter Pastry R50.00
Sausage Rolls R75.00
Aloo Steak frying Pies R70.00
Aloo Chicken & Jalapeno Frying Pies R70.00
Crumbed Chicken Rockets R70.00
Crumbed Patha Rockets (Curried) R60.00
Creamy Chicken, Spinach, and Feta Rockets R80.00
Crumbed Creamy Prawn Rockets R140.00
Crumbed Potato Pillows R50.00
Crumbed Creamy Pepper Steak Pillows R70.00
Crumber and Seasoned Patha Strips R40.00
UFO (Crumbed Polony and Cheese Pillows) R55.00
Chicken With Green Masala Croissants (Pack Of 10) R100.00
Chicken Haleem (2 Litres) R90.00

New Items

Marinated Atchaari Chicken Boti (800gr) R85.00
Marinated Portuguese Chicken Boti (800gr) R85.00
Chicken, Spinach and Feta Kebaab Dough (800gr) R100.00
Cottage Cheese Plaited Pies (Chicken and Mash) R120.00
Cottage Cheese Plaited Pies (Pepper Steak and Mash) R130.00
Crumbed Peri Chicken Rockets R70.00

Baked Items (Ready To Heat)

Buns With Steak Filling R75.00
Buns With Chicken Filling R70.00
Mini Shawarma With Steak Filling R65.00
Mini Shawarma With Chicken Filling R60.00
Mini Steak Pizza R60.00
Mini Chicken Pizza R55.00
Baked Mince Butter Pies R75.00
Baked Chicken, Mushroom & Red Pepper Butter Pies R80.00
Savoury Scones With Creamy chicken Filling R70.00

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