We at Fatima’s Favourite Foods offers you the convenience of making your own samoosa at home with fillings from your delicious, Samoosa tested recipes. Fatima’s Samoosa Leaves are made from the unique flour of Saudi Arabian wheat, on automated and computer-controlled production and packaging lines to get a truly hygienic product. Fatima’s Samoosa Leaves are non-grasy and separate easily … The fried Samoosa has a non-greasy feel as well.

Available in 500g ( 30 x 500g )   Size: 7.5cm x 24.5cm

Available in 800g ( 18 x 800g )    Size: 6.5cm x 24cm

Available in 1 Kg ( 15 x 1 Kg )     Size: 7.5cm x 24.5cm